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Sustainability Royal Dutch Shell Essay - 6614 Words

Table of Contents Page 1. Executive Summary2 2. Introduction3 3. Definition of Sustainability†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.3 4. An Overview of Sustainability †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦...†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦4 5. Shell’s Strategic Approach to Sustainability6 6. Literature focusing three sustainable issues9 7. Theory/Models used to evaluate Shell’s response to sustainability12 8. Recommendation on What Shell could do to become a sustainable business14 9. Conclusion15 10. References 17 Executive Summary Sustainability in companies is a broad subject. In order†¦show more content†¦Shell’s sustainable development strategy takes a long term and short term approach which ensures that economics, environment and social considerations are implemented within its decision making process (Report2010, 2010). This report will define sustainability, give an overview of sustainability, discuss Shell’s strategic approach to sustainability, review three sustainable issues, discuss theories and models used to evaluate Shell’s response to sustainability, recommend what Shell could do to become a sustainable business and lastly will draw its conclusion. Definition of Sustainability The introduction of the term â€Å"sustainable† into the political language came about in a report titled â€Å"The limits to growth† in 1972 by the Club of Rome. Club of Rome was an international association which consisted of scientists, business executives, public officials and scholars. â€Å"Sustainable† is defined by the writers as a model of output that represents a sustainable world system which does not have a dynamic collapse. It is able to meet the basic material requirements that are needed by the environment (Meadows et al, 1972). However, the term â€Å"sustainability† has several definitions. One, being the ability of people and organisations to preserve the remaining natural resources and use these resources wisely in order to sustain an environmentally healthy future. TheShow MoreRelatedMultinational Companies and Their Social Responsibilities (Α Case Study of Shell, Nigeria)15078 Words   |  61 PagesCHAPTER TWO 2.0 AN OVERVIEW OF SHELL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN NIGERIA 2.1 Introduction This chapter will provide basic knowledge of Shell Nigeria Oil Company and its operation in Nigeria, in particular regarding its ethics, performance, social involvement, contribution to national income and its contribution to keeping the environment green. Since the Rio Conference of 1992 the code of conduct for all extractive industries including crude oil mining companies has underlined the following principlesRead MoreGlobal Success Of The Royal Dutch Shell Company Essay1758 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Increased global success of the Royal Dutch Shell Company in the majority of emerging markets highlights the potential for consequent success within the US market. The need for expansion into the North American market remains crucial in facilitating overall business growth within a strong economy characterized by high levels of competition (Szulczyk McCarl, 2010). The decision to invest abroad by a company provides benefits to the company and the host country. However, the foreignRead MoreDescription Of Royal Dutch Shell Plc1229 Words   |  5 Pages(a) Description of Royal Dutch Shell plc Royal Dutch Shell plc is a public limited company registered in England and Wales and headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands. It has three business segments: upstream, downstream and corporate. Upstream: focus on exploration for new liquids and natural gas reserves and on developing major new projects. Downstream: focus on turning crude oil into a range of refined products for domestic, industrial and transport use. [1]Shell’s major focus on need toRead MoreThe Impact Of Oil Price Volatility On The Strategy Of Royal Shell Oil Plc2259 Words   |  10 PagesCritical evaluation of the impact of oil price volatility on the strategy of ROYAL SHELL OIL PLC. INTRODUCTION Royal Shell plc incorporates a group of global energy and petrochemical companies with its headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands and its parent company is the Royal Dutch Shell plc, which is incorporated in England and Wales. Its current CEO is Ben van Beurden. Royal Shell Plc is chosen for this analysis because of its structured decision to balance growth with returns and its boldRead MoreNigerian Development : The Face Of Oil Extraction And How Mncs Such As Shell Essay1593 Words   |  7 Pageseconomically marginalized region. A significant impetus of these tumultuous changes has been multinational oil corporations like Shell that have been extracting oil in Nigeria since 1956. This paper seeks to examine Nigerian development in the face of oil extraction and how MNCs such as Shell have played a role in the country’s development. I will argue that MNCs, specifically Shell, have had an adverse effect on development within Nigeria as a result of oil extraction and the establishment of dependencyRead MoreRoyal Dutch Shell ( Shell )1798 Words   |  8 PagesRoyal Dutch Shell (Shell) is a multinational oil and gas corporation. Founded in 1907 (Who We Are 2016) Royal Dutch Shell has been a leading member of the oil and gas industry for many years, and as of 2015 is ranked sixth in the world. Shell, along with many other oil and gas companies, has been criticised greatly for their social performance regarding their fulfilment of society’s expectations. Shell has been put under the microscope for their work both for and against the environment. IssuesRead MoreSi Report Case Study Royal Dutch Shell2794 Words   |  12 PagesROYAL DUTCH SHELL Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) is a worldwide group of oil, gas and petrochemical companies that explores for, produces and trades in a range of energy resources. Royal Dutch Shell also has a broad portfolio of hydrogen, biofuels, wind and solar power interests, and also provides consultancy and technical services as well as research and development expertise to the energy industry. Royal Dutch Shell is active in more than 130 countries and territories, and employs 108,000 people worldwideRead MoreSi Report Case Study Royal Dutch Shell2804 Words   |  12 PagesROYAL DUTCH SHELL Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) is a worldwide group of oil, gas and petrochemical companies that explores for, produces and trades in a range of energy resources. Royal Dutch Shell also has a broad portfolio of hydrogen, biofuels, wind and solar power interests, and also provides consultancy and technical services as well as research and development expertise to the energy industry. Royal Dutch Shell is active in more than 130 countries and territories, and employs 108,000 people worldwideRead MoreMonitoring System Sustainable Enterprise Sustainability3526 Words   |  15 PagesSustainable enterprise LB5203 Monitoring System Sustainable Enterprise Sustainability The Royal Dutch Shell â€Å"SHELL† Lecturer: Dr. Ian Kirkwood Student: Saroj Maharjan Student ID: 12891916 Due date: 17th of September 2014 â€Æ' Introduction This article describes the relevant monitoring system to monitor the sustainability of the business. It is very important to all businesses to regularly measure their sustainability comes from the people, planet and profit perspective, making operationsRead MoreStrategic Management of Royal Dutch Shell3869 Words   |  16 PagesStrategic Management of Royal Dutch Shell Royal Dutch Shell, more commonly referred to as just Shell is one of the global giants in the oil and gas business industry. Its operations involve not only exploration and production but also distribution and marketing, refining, power generation and petrochemicals. The companys registered office exists in London, United Kingdom with its primarily listed on the London Stock Exchange (and is a constituent of FTSE 100 index) while its headquarters and

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Substance Abuse and Depression - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 821 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/04/15 Category Psychology Essay Level High school Tags: Depression Essay Did you like this example? Emotions like sorrow and hopelessness are a normal part of the universal human experience. There are many cases in which young adults develop depression at a young age, and depression can come in many different forms, such as feelings/emotions and/or actions. Its normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed, but it sometimes leads people to do things that arent right. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Substance Abuse and Depression" essay for you Create order What are the impacts of depression and what consequences does it lead to? The impact depression has on individuals is they feel hopeless and even worthless. When people go through terrible scenarios in their lives, for example, losing a loved one, they feel like they dont have a purpose in life. The signs of depression are often unnoticed, but sometimes people start noticing changes in the affected people. The signs are lack of communication, not wanting to engage with others, and not participating in daily activities. Depression also contributes to students not doing well in school and poor attendance (Counseling Psychological Services). Its difficult for some young adults to focus on schoolwork and do well because they think they arent capable enough. Having family problems can also lead to depression. Divorce, drugs and alcohol, deportation, and abuse are some of the major causes of depression. Depression has many consequences, including leading to self harm. Often times self harm is referred to as a mental illness. Researchers say, individuals use methods like cutting themselves with a knife, pull hair out, and pick at wounds to prevent healing (NAMI). Another way depression leads to self harm is stated, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.(ANAD). Eating disorders are categorized as self harm because, individuals are harming themselves by not giving the body the nutrients it needs in order to survive. One of the common facts that supports that is also the body image, how the person feels about themselves. Sometimes individuals will substitute meals for eating ice or simply not eat at all. Furthermore eating disorders also leads to weight loss, most of the time this means the individual is unhealthy and are trying to lose weight perilously. Depre ssion can affect individuals way of eating, for example eating at a fast rate, eating way too much, not knowing their limit, or forced vomiting after eating. Studies say people feeling depressed abuse the alcohol and drug use to change their mood, not feel guilt, and or despair (PSYCOM). Due to this common factor that depression leads to is also a big part of self harm. The usage of drugs can be a relief for most individuals, when dealing with depression. When depression is playing a big role in someones life they need to find the best way out in order to not feel that way anymore. For most people the usage of drugs help them maintain the same effect constantly. Therefore the drug and alcohol addictions individuals have arent addictions anymore, they are often mostly referred as use disorders(PSYCOM). The ultimate consequence depression has on individuals is committing suicide or having suicidal thoughts. Studies say, with an estimate that up to 60 percent of people who commit suicide have major depression. (verywellmind) Most times the affected people dont say whats going on in their life, they also many be lost in their own thoughts that may lead to overthinking serval things. Cases that have been shown about individuals that have the mindset of suicide have shown: mood swings that are drastic, risky behaviors or aggressiveness, and deep depression that affects their daily behavior. Suicide has been the biggest type of self- harm people to do to themselves due to depression, also due to non- treatable methods. Despite being given a diagnosis of depression, it is often hard to treat and uncontrollable at times. Depression has many impacts and consequences on peoples life. In addition to the impacts that depression has on individuals, the symptoms or signs can go many ways because everyone reacts differently to depression. Depression can lead to feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, as well as drug or other substance abuse, and self harm including suicide. Although depression has many impacts and consequences, people should be able to treat it the right way and give more attention to those affected with depression. Works Cited Depression. Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2018. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 26 Nov. 2018. Time Management and Procrastination, NAMI. NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness, Eating Disorder Statistics National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Substance Abuse and Depression: A Dangerous Downward-Spiral. Mental Health Treatment Resource Since 1986, Holmes, Leonard. Has the Rate of Suicide in the U.S. Risen? Verywell Mind, Dotdash,

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Cyber Security Security And Security - 1880 Words

CYBER SECURITY: Cyber Security also called computer security and IT security, is the assurance of data from theft or any harm to the gadget, the product and information stored on hardware. It incorporates controlling physical access to the equipment and additionally ensuring against code or data injection or via network access. The field is of developing significance because of the expanding dependence of PC frameworks in most societies. Computer frameworks now incorporate a wide assortment of keen gadgets, including cell phones, TVs and little gadgets as a major aspect of the Internet of Things – and systems incorporate the Internet and private information systems, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and different remote system.†¦show more content†¦Distributed denial of service is hard to block. Due to much traffic, system could not tolerate the unacceptable requests from different machines. A single user is attacked from the number of attackers. The millions of requests force the computer to shut down. The main purpose of denial of service is to disturb business of specific organization. The normal work is effected such as make server unavailable to its regular users. A single blockage of an IP address could not stop the attack. Direct – access attacks: If attacker have physical access to victim computer could easily copy information from it. An unauthorized user can change coding of operating system to bypass the security check, they could install malware, worms, or harmful viruses. Though system is secured by standard security, they could be able to boot computer using another working programs for boot the system using bootable USB drive or CD-ROM. Trusted platform module or disk encryption are developed to prevent direct-access attacks. Eavesdropping: Eavesdropping is the unapproved real-time interception of a private transmission, for example, a telephone call, text, video conferencing and fax transmission. The term eavesdrop gets from the act of really remaining under the roof of a house, listening to discussions inside. Eavesdropping is very easy to perform with IP-based calls as compare to TDM-basedShow MoreRelatedCyber Security Case Analysis961 Words   |  4 Pagespeople and policy and the perspective attach vectors, an impact assessment was completed and counter measures identified. The counter measures also addressed the areas of current weaknesses and emerging weaknesses in hopes to maintain a strong cyber security posture. For current technology vulnerability the outdated antivirus was used an example that pertains to all corporations to include Yahoo!, where malware can be introduced into the companies system. The attack vector for this vulnerabilityRead MoreAustralian Cyber Security Case Study1179 Words   |  5 Pagesactivities, it is expected that the degree of cyber security in Australia will be ameliorated to a great extent. The preceding sentiment is drawn from the premise that the collaboration of different parties helps create more adept and robust strategies as compared to if the government only would be involved in the process. Apart from the political influences discussed in the preceding sections, the Australian government has created an Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC). The agency is meant to connectRead MoreSecurity Plan For Cyber Security1496 Words   |  6 Pagesproportions being allocated to relevant cyber defence mediums which have been ongoing since 2007. Table 2.2 illustrates Estonian cyber defence strategies 2007 – 2010. Cyber Security Strategy Date Implemented Action Plan to Fight Cyber Attacks July 2007 Revised Implementation Plan 2007 – 2008 of the Estonian Information Society Strategy 2013 September 2007 Cyber Security Strategy May 2008 Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence 2008 Cyber Security Council May 2009 Emergency Act June 2009Read MoreCyber Security And Security Of The Users1520 Words   |  7 Pagesinfotainment [1]. When these kinds of services are introduced, they also bring in the vulnerabilities associated with them, resulting in increased number of security threats and attacks. Hence, it is very important to ensure that these services do not compromise the safety and security of the users [2]. This paper aims to provide a brief overview of cyber security in vehicular networks by analyzing its vulnerabilities, challenges and solutions. I. Introduction Vehicular networks consist of in-vehicle networksRead MoreComputer Security and Cyber Security612 Words   |  3 Pagesinformation protected? How does this affect the average person? This is where cyber security comes into to play. Cyber security, in a nut shell, is the attempt to stop any person from attaining information via cyberspace that they are not supposed to have access to. Cyber security professionals’ work day after day trying to combat these threats against our information and in some cases our lives. The biggest issue with Cyber security is that it is always evolving. As soon as one issue is fixed, a personRead MoreCyber Security And Internet Security Essay7416 Words   |  30 PagesThe term paper begins with a brief Introduction of CYBER SECURITY, This term paper is designed to give you information about vulnerabilities in CYBER SECURITY , Frameworks that get affected By CYBER SECURITY Measures to protect DATA SYSTEM in cyber security In the end it tells us about Various International Indian cyber security LAWS INTRODUCTION PC security, otherwise called cybersecurity or IT security, will be security connected to figuring gadgets, for example, PCs andRead MoreCyber Security3559 Words   |  15 PagesCYBER SECURITY INTRODUCTION It is also known as â€Å"Computer Security or IT security†. It is applied to the security of computer, computer network and the data stored and transmitted over them. Today the computer system are used in wide variety of â€Å"smart devices, including Smartphone’s,   televisions  and tiny devices as part of the  Internet of Things, and networks include not only the  Internet  and private data networks, but also  Bluetooth,  Wi-Fi  and other  networks. Computer security covers all theRead MoreCyber Security4953 Words   |  20 Pagesand the severe business security risks due to centralization of resources. Brian Proffitt will argue in is IT World article [24], there are some serious limitations with cloud computing that is being blithely ignored such as bandwidth limitation, storage, and availability. Interviews conducted with colleagues that are experts in the Enterprise Systems network arena reveals that, the impact is all in planning before implem entation, the selected architecture and the security policy. Findings in manuscriptsRead MoreCyber Security And The Department Of Homeland Security3262 Words   |  14 Pagesmemo is being addressed to you on the basis that the foreign policy issue that is threats to cyber security is of interest to the Department of Homeland Security. In brief explanation of the issue at hand, it can be concluded that the major foreign policy problem of cyber security threats has created and will continue to create imitate danger to the United States of America. The act of breaching the security sustained around private networks has become renowned as a type of terrorism, one that hasRead MoreCyber Security And The Future Of National Security1913 Words   |  8 PagesTOBIAS BATTS SUBJECT: CYBER SECURITY AND THE FUTURE OF NATIONAL SECURITY DATE: 4/4/2016 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This memorandum is written to reveal the vulnerabilities of the current state of the United States’ cyber security. It will also specify policy options that can be taken in order to improve the current policy. Cyber security focuses on protecting computers, networks, databases, and programs from unauthorized access or change. Changes need to be made in cyber security as soon as possible if

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Dimensions Culture International Marketing â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Dimensions Culture International Marketing? Answer: Introduction Cultural understanding are important determinant for organisational success. Several researchers have studies and analysed cross-cultures in order to develop their scopes and understand them in great details(Hofstede, Geert hofstede., 2010). Geert Hofstedes developed powerful theory enduring which depicted national cultures or their differences. His findings reflects a number of dimensions with six distinct parameters that was used to determine cultures of nations. Though his findings had significant implications for management of diversified cultures across countries it had been refuted by many. Professor Brendan McSweeney refuted his views depicting sets of sub-cultures that occupied nations(Yoo, 2011). The scope of the current analysis provides a detailed insight into the myths for national cultures. Analysis Geert Hofstedes conducted a study of national cultures on power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation and indulgence. Countries across the world were rated and their individual scores were developed on basis of these parameters(McSweeney, The essentials of scholarship: A reply to Geert Hofstede, 2002). The study was a pioneer in the field of comprehensive cross-cultural studies. However, the study was based on several underlying assumptions hence had very little practical applicability. Professor Brendan McSweeney developed further on studies of Hofstede, stating that a nation comprises of various sub-cultures hence it is not possible to define cultures at a national level. He stated further that homogeneity amongst cultures of nations cannot exists and is only a myth(, Retrieved on 17th September 2017). His development of subcultures were in connection to economic, political or historical influences. There were diversity am ongst various cultures within a country, hence accurate depiction of culture for a particular nation does not hold. He further added that Hofstedes view about national cultures were more theoretical in nature and had little practical application. He identified geographical differences within a country to be determining factors that affects cultures impacting an individual behaviors(Soares, 2007). Thus, he pointed out that national cultures can be signified as clusters of cub-culture that is obtained from individualistic norms. Conclusion Analysis of cultural views proposed by Geert Hofstedes and McSweeney states that the later had more compelling views which could be applied. McSweeneys views regarding national cultures are more practical and have been adopted by organizations and researchers for further studies. Reference Lists Hofstede, G. 2010. Geert hofstede. National cultural dimensions. Hofstede, G. 2010. 'Geert Hofstede.', National cultural dimensions. McSweeney, B. 2002. The essentials of scholarship: A reply to Geert Hofstede. Human relations, 55(11), 1363-1372. McSweeney, B. 2009. Dynamic diversity: variety and variation within countries. Organization Studies, 933-957. Soares, A. M. 2007. Hofstede's dimensions of culture in international marketing studies. . Journal of business research, 277-284. (Retrieved on 17th September 2017). McSweeney National Culture. Yoo, B. D. (2011). Measuring Hofstede's five dimensions of cultural values at the individual level: Development and validation of CVSCALE. . Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 23(3-4), 193-2

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African Diasporic Culture across the World Influences, Transformations and Interactions

Introduction: African Diasporas Around the World In the modern world, the process of culture fusion is no longer a miracle – due to immigration and emigration, cultures and national traits are mixed in the most unbelievable fashion, which leads to the development of completely new traditions.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on African Diasporic Culture across the World: Influences, Transformations and Interactions specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not only the cultural backdrop of the new location that shapes the specifics of a certain diaspora, but also the attitudes which the local people shape towards the newcomers, as well as the political aspects of the given state. Because of years of colonialism and racial capitalism, the African diasporic culture has shaped a rather vague idea of collective consciousness and deviated considerably from its racial ident ity. Racial Capitalism and African Diasporic Culture: Against Prejudices There is no doubt that retaining the national specifics in the atmosphere of a completely different culture and absolutely different traditions is incredibly hard. No matter how strong and solid the diaspora is, it has to take into account the ideas and principles of the country which the given diaspora is located in, which affects the recognition of the national identity. Thus, even with all the integrity that the African diasporas have, they have been affected by the principles of the states which they were located in. The given phenomenon presumably has had a negative effect on the African diasporas, according to Clarke and Thomas: â€Å"global capitalism and its development models are destroying cultural diversity and creating a monoculture,’ – they â€Å"identify ‘Americanization’ as solely imperialist and nonnegotiable† (Clarke and Thomas 346). Still, it has to be admitt ed that the above-mentioned idea of the impact which capitalistic postulates have had on the culture in the African diasporas is rather radical; as Clarke and Thomas explain, capitalism had both the negative and the positive effect on the diasporas.Advertising Looking for essay on ethnicity studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For instance, in Jamaican African diasporas, capitalism enhanced the promotion of the Black culture: â€Å"This emphasis on capitalism and consumerism has, more recently, been linked to the elevation of a racial identity† (Clarke and Thomas 348). As an economic strategy which the African people are not quite familiar with, capitalism has offered the Western model of development with no regard as to the specifics of African culture whatsoever. At the same time, however, capitalism has opened a range of new opportunities for the African diasporas, which means that the latter can possibly make ef ficient use of some of the Western ideas. Colonialism and African Diasporic Culture: The Question of Power Knowing the true reasons behind immigration shape one’s personality a lot. There is no secret to anyone that the African population left the continent being enslaved. As a result, two adages pervade the collective consciousness of the older African Diasporas of transatlantic slavery and colonialism respectively: ‘We are here because you brought us here’ and ‘We are here because you were there’ (223). However, it is worth mentioning that the given attitude, as Clarke and Thomas explain, are rather the features of the older members of diasporas, while the younger ones are less concerned about the colonialist issues. It is essential to mention, though, that not all African diasporas were subdued to the impact of colonialism; some of the diasporas were located in the places where the colonial aspect was far not that obvious and left less tangible ef fect on shaping the African diasporic mood. As Clarke and Thomas emphasize, â€Å"The Dominican dreamscape emphasized national autonomy in the face of dwindling Spanish colonialism, continuing Haitian economic and political dominance, and rising American imperialism† (59). Thus, it can be considered that there are certain differences among the world African diasporas in term of colonial moods and the way in which the Africans responded to the colonial attitudes. In most cases, however, it was the impact of the dominating state that shaped the African immigrants and their attitude towards their own country and the state which they lived in.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on African Diasporic Culture across the World: Influences, Transformations and Interactions specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More African Diasporic Culture vs. the Western Culture: The Conflict That Never Dies Speaking of the scale to which the o ther cultures affect the African diasporas, one must mention that for a group of people who are to live in a foreign country and follow its traditions and rules, the African people have actually managed to keep their ones quite successfully, at the same time fully integrating into the foreign community. Despite the fact that the foreign culture has been dominating over the African communities for a considerable amount of time, there is still enough of national spirit among the members of diasporas; in certain cases, the Africans even managed to reinforce their cultural specific, as Clarke and Thomas claim: â€Å"a modern plantation economy, political and economic subordination to a centralized state, and a stable national identity (a â€Å"we† diametrically opposed to â€Å"them†)† (Clarke and Thomas 60) allowed to create more or less stable diaspora within the Dominican Republic. However, the process of assimilation is irreversible, which means that, sooner or later, there will be little left of the African lifestyle among the members of the diasporas unless they become social reclusive. It seems that, to keep their integrity intact, African diasporas, like the diasporas of any other nations have to give up any attempts to become a part of the dominating culture. Since both suggestions are practically impossible, a reasonable compromise can be suggested. While African diasporas retain their traditions and national values, they can accept some of the Western ideas in order to match the economical and financial development of the latter. Conclusion: Across the Boundaries of Space and Time Hence, it can be considered that the African diasporas should be given credit for at least trying to keep their national identity. However, it cannot be argued that, after years spent under the aegis of other states and cultures, it has developed several specific features which cannot be associated with the traditional African culture anymore. On the one h and, constantly keeping in mind the question â€Å"Why we are here?†, the African diasporas were trying to retain their national identity; on the other hand, the impact of the Western culture is slowly taking its toll on the African diasporas. In addition, the impact which capitalism has had on the national identity of the members of the African diasporas all over the world cannot be described as positive either; with the focus on what is more marketable than what is linked to the national identity more, the African diasporas are facing the threat of losing their national identities completely.Advertising Looking for essay on ethnicity studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Rethinking their values and the outside influence, African diasporas can possibly retain their national culture and identity. Works Cited Clarke, K Maxine, and Deborah A. Thomas. Globalization and Race: Transformation  in the Cultural Production of Blackness. Durham: Duke University Press. 2006. Print. This essay on African Diasporic Culture across the World: Influences, Transformations and Interactions was written and submitted by user Aiyana Hurst to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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I Hate Kids

I Hate Kids I Hate Kids I Hate Kids By Maeve Maddox No, I don’t hate children, young people, babies, infants, toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, or youth. I hate the universal use of the word â€Å"kid† or its plural to denote any and all of the categories of juvenile human beings. The word â€Å"kid† has its uses, certainly. It can be a friendly word, a loving wordin certain contexts. It does not, however, belong in every context. Words have connotations, subtle nuances of meaning that color the denotation of the word. When writers begin to use certain words as if one size fits all, meanings become distorted and underlying facts are distorted. The word â€Å"kid† has so many connotations that it is rarely the best choice in the context of news reporting. In addition to conveying youthfulness, the word â€Å"kid† has connotations of irresponsibility, poor judgment, innocence, and mischievousness. Adult behavior is not expected of â€Å"kids.† â€Å" Kids will be kids†. â€Å"Kids† are not to be taken seriously. Whatever â€Å"kids† do should be forgiven, because, after all, they’re â€Å"just kids.† And since â€Å"kids† are not adults, what they do doesn’t matter quite as much. These connotations become problematic in a news story that reports misbehaving juveniles who vandalize stores and cemeteries and beat homeless people to death. By calling these young criminals â€Å"kids,† the reporter is unconsciously asking the reader to make allowances for their behavior. News writers need to think twice before referring to accused rapists as â€Å"kids.† I am probably beating a dead horse. A new medical facility is under construction in my area. It’s going to be called the â€Å"Kids’ Clinic.† I’m just waiting for the day when I go to an art museum and see a portrait of the Blessed Virgin and Baby Jesus labeled â€Å"Mother and Kid.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Redundant Phrases to AvoidAt Your Disposal10 Tips About How to Write a Caption

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The computer and artificial intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The computer and artificial intelligence - Essay Example Since the age of technology donned, humans have been very concerned with regards to the prospect of artificial intelligence. At the current rate of development and the manner in which technology continues to evolve, it is not exceptional to envision a world in which computers will not only be able to think that will be able to react and learn. Moreover, reaching back into history, it can clearly be seen that human technology has almost always been used as a means of developing an advantage over another individual, markets, people group, or entire society. This fear is understandable. This is partly due to the fact that because humans are distinguished among other creatures by the ability to think, the line of separation between human and machine could effectively be blurred by a machine that is able to both think and react. What has thus far been described, and what is partially described by the authors in question, is a level of discomfort and anxiety that humans are beginning to fe el with respect to the ability that machines will soon have to replace them.If a person has a business and uses the results of the work of others he/she anyway does huge intellectual work in order to keep the competitive advantage, keep good workers, work out new plans and so on. However, if machines start to think it would be the real catastrophe as people will become lazy because machines will do everything instead of them. The authors state: â€Å"Such questions invite real, no longer speculative answers†.